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Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corre-sponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16. All the reference books should be made __________to the teachers and students in our university.

A. concerned

B. available

C. related

D. flexible

17. We shall appreciate__________ from you soon.

A. being heard

B. hearing

C. to hear

D. having been heard

18. I'd__________ you didn't touch that, if you don't mind.

A. rather

B. better

C. happier

D. further

19.He was__________enough to understand my questions from the gestures I made.

A. intelligent

B. efficient

C. proficient

D. diligent

20. " Good-bye, Mr. Wang. I'm pleased __________you. "

A. to meet

B. meeting

C. to have been meeting

D. to be met

21. The new law, it is said, will be__________.

A. put into effect

B. taken into account

C. kept in sight

D. brought to mind

22. The old man walked slowly, stopping frequently__________.

A.on rest

B. at rest

C. resting

D. to rest

23. The __________flowers were all that remained.

A. two yellow little

B. little two yellow

C. yellow two little

D. two little yellow

24. Don't risk __________the job which so many people want.

A. losing

B. to lose

C. lost

D. your life to lose

25__________anything about the accident, he went to work as well.

A. Not know

B. Know not

C. Knowing not

D. Not knowing

26. These courses, if properly conducted, will__________ the minds of the students.

A. refresh

B. renew

C. stimulate

D. encourage

27. He spoke so quickly that I didn't __________ what he said.

A. receive

B. accept

C. listen

D. catch

28. He had been __________to give up much of his time to housework.

A. ordered

B. persuaded

C. compelled

D. frightened

29. With a school record like yours,__________ why you didn't try for a university scholarship.

A. I'm shocked

B. I'm puzzled

C. I'm amazed

D. I feel pity

30. Robert looked as if he were about to __________when his motives were questioned.

A. flare up

B. jump up

C. burst up

D. look up

31. He__________ that he could create live fish out of chemicals.

A. demanded

B. asserted

C. argued

D. announced

32. He got up to the roof__________a ladder.

A. by all means

B. by any means

C. by means of

D. by no means

33. He is sincere and easy to__________.

A. get down to

B. get at

C. get along with

D.get over

34. She likes hearing her own voice. She never stops__________.

A. talking

B. telling

C. to talk

D. to tell

35. __________at the door before you come into the room.

A. Hit

B. Knock

C. Touch

D. Strike

36. She __________to her teacher for coming to school late.

A. excused

B. apologized

C. pardoned

D. confessed

37. The new medicine the doctor __________for the pain in my stomach is imported and quite expen- sive.

A. bought

B. prescribed

C. described

D. discovered

38. Every dog that came __________was a terror to me.

A. in sight

B. to sight

C. on sight

D. at sight

39. Say__________what you mean and then there will be no misunderstanding.

A. casually

B. eventually

C. necessary

D. precisely

40. It would be a mistake to__________this law to situations which are outside this range.

A. apply

B. employ

C. use

D. fit

41. We tried to __________the nervous old lady that flying was safe.

A. secure

B. ensure

C. assure

D. certify

42. This is one of__________ beautiful places in this city.

A. most of the

B. most of

C. the most

D. most

43. The speed __________is 340 meters per second.

A. at which sound travels

B. with which sound travels

C. of which sound travels

D. for which sound travels

44. He studied hard at school when he was young, __________contributes to his success in later life.

A. which

B. that

C. what

D. each of which

45. The cost of the air fare is higher than__________.

A. the rail fare

B. that of the rail fare

C. those of the rail fare

D. which of the rail fare


16.B.本题考查形容词辨析。stll.be available to sb.“某物对于某人是可以使用的”。con-cerned“关心的”;related“相关的”;flexible“灵活的,柔韧的”。句意为:所有参考书都应对我们大学的师生们开放。

17.B.本题考查动词搭配。appreciate doing sth.“感激做某事”,可排除C;这里应用动词主动形式,也不能用完成时,所以A.D不对。句意为:我们将期待尽快收到您的来信。

18.A.本题考查固定句型。would rather“宁愿…”,后接虚拟语气,其他词均不用虚拟。句意为:如果你不介意,我宁愿你不要触碰那里。


20.B.本题考查时态和语态。to meet是动词不定式,表示将来或刚开始;meeting表示在进行或刚完成;to have been meeting表示完成“我很高兴过去见过你”;to be met表示被动语态。句意为:王先生,再见,很高兴和你见面。

21.A.本题考查动词短语。put into effect“生效”;take into account“考虑”;keep in sight“在视线里”;bring to mind“想起”。句意为:据说这部新法律将被实施。

22.D.本题考查动词固定搭配。stop to do sth.“停下来做某事”;stop doing sth.“停止做某事”;on rest“依靠,依赖,停留”;没有at rest的搭配。句意为:老人缓慢地走着,时不时停下来休息。


24.A.本题考查动词用法。risk doing sth.“冒险做(危险的或令人讨厌的事情)”;risk one's life to do sm.“冒着生命危险做某事”。句意为:不要冒险丢掉这份很多人都想要的工作。




28.C.本题考查动词辨析。be compelled to do sth.“被迫做某事”,符合题意。句意为:他被迫花大量的时间做家务。


30.A.本题考查动词短语。flare up“突然发怒”;jump up“突然跳起”;burst up“爆炸,失败,垮台”;look up“向上看,查寻”。句意为:当罗伯特的动机被质疑时,他看起来好像随时要大发雷霆。


32.C.本题考查固定短语。by means of“靠…方法”;by all means“用一切方法”;by any means“无论如何”;by no means“决不”。句意为:他通过梯子到达屋顶。

33.C.本题考查固定短语。get along with“和……相处”;get down to“开始认真做某事”;get at“到达,了解”;get over“克服,恢复”。句意为:他待人真诚,很容易相处。

34.A.本题考查动词用法。stop doing sth.“停止做某事”;stop to do sth.“停下来去做某事”,由此可排除C、D,而B不符合题意。句意为:她喜欢听她自己的声音,所以滔滔不绝地讲。

35.B.本题考查固定搭配。knock at the door“敲门”,是固定用法。句意为:你进房间之前请敲门。

36.B.本题考查动词用法。apologize to sb.for doing sth.“因某事向某人道歉”。句意为:她因上学迟到向老师道歉。


38.A.本题考查固定搭配。in sight (of)“看见”。句意为:我看见任何一条狗都感到害怕。


40.A.本题考查动词辨析。apply sth.to sth.“把…应用于……”,其他三个动词没有这样的固定搭配。句意为:把这条法律应用于这个范围之外将是个错误。

41.C.本题考查动词辨析。assure sb.that…“向某人保证…”;secure(adj.)“安全的”;ensure“确保”和certify“证明,保证”没有这样的搭配。句意为:我们努力向这位紧张的老妇人保证飞行是安全的。




45.B.本题考查代词的用法。本题中that指代的是前面的the cost,which不能指代名词,those指代的是复数名词。句意为:坐飞机的费用比坐火车要高。