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Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corre-sponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16. You can't hear what I'm saying__________ you stop talking.

A. only if

B. unless

C. lest

D. except that

17. He__________working till he was seventy years old.

A. kept up

B. kept on

C. kept to

D. kept out

18. The novel ended happily, and the young couple was married__________.

A. in the final

B. in the end

C. to the last

D. in conclusion

19. One warning was__________ to stop her doing it.

A. suffered

B. sufficed

C. suggested

D. provided

20. It is estimated that the disease__________by polluted water will kill 1 out of every 100 children.

A. causing

B. caused

C. to cause

D. will cause

21. He didn't know I was in his office. He was too busy to __________me.

A. pay attention to

B. notice

C. know

D. realize

22. Will you show me the girl __________name is Jane?

A. her

B. who's

C. whose

D. which

23. The old gentleman never fails to help__________is in need of his help.

A. who

B. whoever

C. one

D. whomever

24. Mr. Holmes called at many schools __________he lived to ask them to accept his son, but he was refused everywhere for being a black.

A. that

B. around where

C. near which

D. which

25. My wallet is nowhere to be found. I __________when I was on the bus.

A. must drop it

B. should have dropped it

C. must have dropped it

D. had dropped it

26. I could have done it better if I__________ more time.

A. have had

B. hadC. had had

D. will have had

27.__________, we should be glad.

A. They arrive tomorrow

B. Were they arriving tomorrow

B. They were to arrive tomorrow

D. Were they to arrive tomorrow

28. I knew I could not finish my homework__________.

A. by he had come

B. until he came

C. when he comes

D. before he comes

29. It is not __________that this situation will last very long.

A. alike

B. the like

C. like

D. likely

30. I__________on seeing the manager. The service in this hotel is terrible.

A. insist

B. persist

C. affirm

D. protest

31. Experienced teachers make __________mistakes than beginners.

A. lesser

B. fewer

C. not many

D. very few

32. I prefer this book__________that one.

A. more than

B. to

C. than

D. rather than

33. Do you know who __________fire to that Department Store?

A. made

B. set

C. started

D. caught

34. All life on the earth __________on the sun.

A. depends


C. keeps

D. goes

35. I can't keep __________the teacher who speaks so fast.

A. up

B. up with

C. with

D. on with

36. What the teacher said had a great __________on his later career.

A. effort

B. influence

C. result

D. expression

37. Tom was such a football fan that he never__________a single game in the season.

A. lost

B. missed

C. failed

D. dropped

38. Are you interestedtennis?

A. in playing

B. for playing

C. on playing

D. to play

39. There were 30 students and__________ of them passed the exam.

A. every

B. every one

C. everyone

D. everybody

40.__________ the places I've been to, I enjoyed the restaurant here the most.

A. From all

B. All of

C. Of all

D. All

41. The quality of this kind of computer is__________to that of imported computers.

A. worse

B. inferior

C. indifferent

D. much better

42. I wish I could speak French__________ as John.

A. as good

B. as better

C. as well

D. as best

43. __________speaking, I think writing is rather boring.

A. Honest

B. Honestly

C. Very

D. Really

44. If you don't go, I shall not__________.

A. either

B. too

C. also

D. yet

45. My brother is now working__________ he did last year.

A. much harder than

B. more harder than

C. more than

D.much than


16.B.本题考查条件状语从句关联词的用法。lest“以免”引导目的状语从句,可以先排除。only if和except that虽然引导条件状语从句,但是必须放置句首。所以只能选A.句意为:你听不见我说什么,除非你停止说话。

17.B.本题考查动词短语。keep on doin9“继续”;keep up“保持”;keep to“遵循”;keep out“使在外面”。句意为:他一直工作到70岁。

18.B.本题考查固定搭配。in the end“最后”,相当于finally,at last;in conclusion“总之”,一般用于结束语。句意为:这部小说结尾很愉快,这对年轻人最后结婚了。



21.B.本题考查动词辨析。notice“注意到”;pay attention to“注意”,是指集中精力注意某事;know“认识”;realize“认识到”。句意为:他不知道我在他的办公室里。他太忙了,以至于没注意到我。



24.C.本题考查定语从句用法。这里是说他拜访他住处附近的学校,因此用near which,which指代学校。句意为:Holmes先生去他住处附近的许多学校要求他们接收自己的儿子,但是都因为是黑人而被拒绝了。


26.C.本题考查虚拟语气用法。表示过去时的虚拟语气,从句应用过去完成时,即had done.句意为:如果我有更多的时间我可以做得更好。

27.D.本题考查虚拟语气用法。表示将来时的虚拟语气,从句助动词用were to/should.如果if省去,从句需用倒装。句意为:如果他们明天到了我们将很高兴。


29.D.本题考查词义辨析。be likely that…“可能…”;alike“相同的,相似的”;like“喜欢”。句意为:这种情况不可能持续太久。

30.A.本题考查固定搭配。insist on“坚持,坚决要求”;persist in“坚持,固执于”;affmn“断言,确认,肯定”;protest against“抗议,反对,对…表示不满”。句意为:我坚持要见经理,因为宾馆的服务太糟了。



33.B.本题考查动词短语。set fire“纵火,放火”;catch fire“(自行)着火”。句意为:你知道是谁给那家百货公司放火的吗?

34.A.本题考查动词短语。depend on“依靠”;carry on“继续开展,坚持”;keep on“继续”;go on“继续”。句意为:地球上所有的生命都离不开太阳。

35.B.本题考查动词短语。keep up with“跟上”;keep up“维持,继续”;keep on with“继续(做某事)”。句意为:我跟不上那位老师,因为他说得太快了。

36.B.本题考查固定搭配。have an influence on…“对…有影响”。句意为:老师说的话对他日后的事业有很大的影响。


38.A.本题考查固定搭配。be interested in doing sth.“对做…感兴趣”。句意为:你对打网球感兴趣吗?

39.B.本题考查不定代词。everyone和everybody侧重于整体而言,every one侧重于个人,指“每一个人”;every后必须接名词。句意为:一共有30个学生,每个人都通过了这场考试。

40.C.本题考查不定代词用法辨析。of au是指所有的事物范围之内,一般做状语;all of指一个事物的所有,一般做主语或宾语;all也做主语或宾语;from all“从所有…中”。句意为:所有我去过的地方中,我最喜欢这里的餐馆。

41.B.本题考查固定搭配。be inferior t0“次于,劣于”。句意为:这种电脑的质量要次于进口电脑。