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Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corre-sponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16. I__________ talk that way if I were Frank.

A. won't

B. didn't

C. couldn't

D. wouldn't

17.__________ today, he would get there by Friday.

A. Were he leave

B. Was he leaving

C. Were he to leave

D. If he leaves

18. I can't speak Japanese, but I do wish I__________.

A. can

B. could

C. had

D. spoke

19. I'd rather you __________anything about this matter this evening.

A. say

B. didn't say

C. don't say

D. not say

20. Wood does not conduct electricity,__________.

A. nor rubber does

B. nor does rubber

C. also doesn't rubber

D. so doesn't rubber

21. Not only __________be interesting to us, but also its language will help us in composition.

A. the novel will

B. will the novel

C. is the novel

D. the novel is

22. Your comments __________my work have proved to be helpful.

A. in

B. for

C. on

D. against

23. When she does something, Mrs. Brown feels that her little child is always__________.

A. under way

B. in the way

C. on the way

D. by the way

24. Shortly after the accident, two__________ policemen came to the spot.

A. dozen of

B. dozens

C. dozen

D. dozens of

25. It's really kind__________.

A. of you to say so

B. for you to say so

C. of you saying so

D. for you saying so

26. She could only see the__________of the trees.

A. outline

B. general

C. edge

D. outlook

27. I can't tell the __________difference between the twin sisters.

A. slight

B. simple

C. slender

D. single

28. This is a nice car,but we cannot__________it.

A. provide

B. afford

C. supply

D. manage

29. The meeting will begin at 9:00 according to the__________.

A. calendar

B. column

C. schedule

D. diagram

30. The company is small but promising. __________, I'11 take the job.

A. In some cases

B. In that case

C. In case

D. In any case

31. The notice was written in several languages__________ foreign tourists should misunderstand it.

A. so that

B. if

C. lest

D. otherwise

32. One car went too fast and__________missed hitting another car.

A. completely

B. greatly

C. narrowly

D. little

33. We substitute fish__________ meat several times a week.

A. for

B. to

C. with

D. and

34. Tony is very disappointed __________the results of the exam.

A. for

B. toward

C. on

D. with

35. To make up an objective test, the teacher writes a series of questions,__________ has only one correct answer.

A. some of which

B. which

C. each of which

D. that

36. He used to get up late,__________?

A. do not he

B. didn't he

C. did he

D. use he

37. A woman and three children are said __________ in the traffic accident.

A. to be injured

B. having been injured

C. to have been injured

D. being injured

38. Susan is not very intelligent, __________work very hard.

A. not does she

B. either does she

C. or does she

D. neither does she

39.__________ , the new medicine is now in mass production.

A. With the solved problem

B. With this problem being solved

C. With the problem solved

D. With this problem to solve

40. His carelessness__________his failure in the exams.

A. resulted from

B. resulted in

C. resulted

D. resulted to

41. In a second hand bookshop, Billy came across a book which he thought was certainly a__________edition.

A. rare

B. scarce

C. seldom

D. hardly

42. During the voyage, Darwin collected a good deal of information about living things, which__________led to his famous book "On the Origin of Species".

A. lastly

B. completely

C. essentially

D. eventually

43. I've been working on my vocabulary actively, and one way to __________it is to see films in English on TV.

A. go down

B. go up

C. improve

D. decrease

44.__________I'd have told you.

A. If I would have known it

B. If I had have known it

C. Had I known it

D. Should I known it

45. While I was waiting for her, I killed time__________ looking in the show windows.

A. by

B. with

C. in

D. with



17.C.本题考查倒装虚拟语气用法。本句是表示与将来事实相反,所以从句用were to形式。句意为:如果他今天出发的话,他就会在星期五以前到达那里。


19.B.本题考查虚拟语气用法。would rather引导的句子要使用虚拟语气。表示与现在和将来事实相反的用一般过去时。句意为:我宁愿你今天晚上什么都不说。


21.B.本题考查否定倒装用法。以not only开头的句子主谓要倒装。句意为:这本小说不仅有趣,而且可以帮助我们提高写作。

22.C.本题考查固定搭配。comment on“关于…的建议,评价”,是固定搭配。句意为:你对我工作的建议证明是有帮助的。

23.B.本题考查介词短语。in the way“挡道,妨碍”;under way“进行中”;on the way“在路上”;by the way“顺便说”。句意为:布朗夫人做事情时,感觉她的小孩子总是碍手碍脚的。

24.C.本题考查数量词用法。two dozen表示“24个”,dozen“十二个,一打”。句意为:事故发生不久,24个警察来到了现场。

25.A.本题考查介词用法。be kind of sb.to do sth.“某人做某事很好”。句意为:你这样说真是太好了。





30.B.本题考查固定搭配。in that case“既然那样,假若是那样的话”;in some cases“在某种情况下”;in case“万一”;in any case“无论如何,不管怎样”。句意为:这家公司小但是有前途,既然那样,我会做这份工作的。

31.C.本题考查连词用法。lest“以免”;so that“以致于”;if“如果”;otherwise“否则”。句意为:告示用多国语言写成,以免有外国游客误解。



34.D.本题考查词组搭配。be disappointed with“对……失望”,是固定搭配。句意为:托尼对考试结果极其失望。



37.A.本题考查固定搭配。be said to do sth.“据说做某事”。句意为:据说一个女人和她的三个孩子在交通事故中受伤了。



40.B.本题考查动词用法。result in“导致”;result from“因…引起”。句意为:他不认真导致了在考试中不及格。



43.C.本题考查动词用法。improve“提高”;go down“下降”;go up“上升”;decrease“降低”。句意为:我积极地扩充我的词汇量,一个方法是看电视上的英文电影。


had done形式。如果if去掉,句子需用倒装。句意为:如果我知道的话,我就告诉你了。