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Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences.For each sentence there are four choices marked A.B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corre-sponding let'ter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16. He didn' t fear new ideas, __________the future.

A. nor feared he

B. nor he did fear

C. nor did he fear

D. nor did fear he

17.__________is well known to all, China will be an advanced and powerful country in the near fu- ture.

A. As

B. That

C. This

D. It

18.__________a good thing they didn' t catch you.

A. That' s

B. There' s

C. It' s

D. What' s

19. We all feel sorry for__________ for so long after your arrival.

A. keep you waiting

B. having kept you waiting

C. waiting for you

D. keep you wait

20. There are four departments at this college,__________more than five hundred students.

A. with each have

B. each having

C. each of them have

D. with each is having

21. Sorry, I don' t know he is a friend of__________.

A. your brother

B. your brothers

C. your brother' s friend

D. your brother' s

22. When she was busy tidying the room, her little kid is always__________.

A. under way

B. on the way

C. in the way

D. by the way

23. Living in the central American desert has its problems, __________obtaining water is not the least.

A. of which

B. for what

C. as

D. whose

24. Although__________ happened in that developed country sounds like science fiction, it could oc-cur elsewhere in the world.

A. which

B. what

C. how

D. it

25. The door over there needs__________.

A. painted

B. painting

C. has painted

D. paint

26. You __________yesterday if you were really serious about the job.

A. ought to come

B. ought to be coming

C. ought to have come

D. ought have come

27. It wasnot until the accident happened__________.

A. when I became aware of my foolishness

B. when my foolishness became obvious

C. that did I realize my foolishness

D. that I became aware of my foolishness

28. As we know, physics __________ the science of energy.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. are

29. The train __________of the station right on time.

A. pulled

B. pulled down

C. pulled on

D. pulled out

30. __________you say, he won't listen to you.

A. No matter where

B. No matter what

C. However

D. Whichever

31. Where did you get your watch __________ ?

A. repair

B. to repair

C. repaired

D. repairing

32. No sooner __________than he realized that he should have remained silent.

A. the words had spoken

B. had the words spoken

C. the words had been spoken

D. had the words been spoken

33. She is such a __________person, always asking how I' m feeling.

A. considerable

B. considering

C. considered

D. considerate

34. It is said that he __________a murder.

A. committed

B. conducted

C. executed

D. emitted

35. Only residents here enjoy the __________of using this parking lot.

A. privilege

B. possibility

C. favor

D. right

36. Only 11 people __________the shipwreck.

A. survived after

B. survived through

C. were survived

D. survived

37. Not a single word__________ all morning.

A. did he say

B. he said

C. said he

D. does he say

38. __________he will come or not is unknown.

A. If

B. Whether

C. That

D. What

39. He never let me __________when I need his support.

A. in

B. down

C. off

D. out

40. At the beginning of this term, our history professor __________a list of books for us to read.

A. passed on

B. handed in

C. fished out

D. made out

41. At first I thought that math problem would be rather difficult, but it __________to be fairly easy.

A. turned out

B. turned up

C. turned on

D. turned over

42. What he is__________is neither money nor fame, but the satisfaction of seeing his students grow up as builders of socialism.

A. in pursuit of

B. looking after

C. trying to do

D. advocating

43. There is an old saying which goes, "Never __________until tomorrow what you can do today. "

A. put aside

B. put up

C. put off

D. put away

44. He has__________ the army for ten years and is now an officer.

A. gone into

B. joined in

C. been in

D. come into

45. I am __________of the same old breakfast every morning.

A. worn out

B. tired

C. ill

D. exhausted


16.C.本题考查倒装句的用法。英语中否定词或否定短语置于句首要用部分倒装(即否定词+助动词+主语+动词原形),如 neither, nor, not only, hardly, scarcely, not, never, on no account等。"nor"用在倒装句中表示“……也不……”。句意为:他不怕新思想,也不怕未来。


18.C.本题考查"it"做形式主语的用法。在本句中,"it"是形式主语,真正的主语是"they didn‘t catch you"。形式主语、形式宾语只能由"it"充当,其他词都不行。句意为:他们没逮住你,真是太好了。



21.D.本题考查双重所有格的用法。双重所有格的构成是“a (a few, some, many)+名词+名词's(或名词性物主代词)”,表示“……的一个(几个/多个)”。句意为:对不起,我不知道他是你兄弟的一个朋友。

22.C.本题考查介词短语。in the way“妨碍,挡路”;under way“在进行中,发生”;on the way“在路上”;by the way“顺便说一下”。句意为:当她忙着打扫房间的时候,她的小孩总是给她捣乱。

23.A.本题考查“介词+关系代词”引导定语从句的用法。of which“其中”。句意为:住在美洲中部沙漠有很多问题,其中获得水源并不是最小的问题。

24.B.本题考查主语从句的用法。本句中出现了“从句套从句”的现象。what引导的主语从句在although所引导的状语从句中做主语。 what在主语从句中做主语。which“哪一个”,往往和名词一起引导从句;how“怎么”,在从句中不能做主语;it不能引导句子。句意为:尽管在那个发达国家所发生的事情听起来像是科幻小说,但是它也可能在世界上另外一个地方发生。

25.B.本题考查need的用法。need用作实义动词,后接动名词的主动表被动,或者接不定式的被动形式,即need doin9或need to be done,表示“某事需要被做”。所以选B.有类似用法的词还有want“需要”,require“要求”。句意为:那扇门需要粉刷一下。

26.C.本题考查情态动词ought to的用法。ought t0之后接两种形式:0ught to do sth.“应该做某事(现在做或将来做)”;ought to have done“本应该做的却没做”。因题中出现了yesterday,并用了过去时,所以可推断该事已发生了,所以用ought to have done的形式。扩展:oughtn't to have done“不应该做的却做了”。与0ught to用法相似的还有should等。句意为:如果你是认真地对待这份工作的话,你昨天应该来。

27.D.本题考查强调句的用法。强调句的构成:it is (was) +被强调部分+that 4-句子。本句中被强调的部分是not until所引导的时间状语从句,后应用that来连接,其后的从句不用倒装。所以选D.句意为:直到事故发生了,我才意识到自己的愚蠢。

28.C.本题考查名词单复数的问题和时态的问题。某些词如physics“物理”,尽管是以一s结尾,但是单数。类似的还有politics, economics, news等。“物理是科学”这是真理,所以应用现在时。句意为:众所周知,物理是能量的科学。

29.D.本题考查动词短语。pull out“(火车等)离站”;pull down“拆毁”;其他短语不存在。句意为:火车正点驶出车站。

30.B.本题考查连词的用法。no matter what=whatever“无论什么”;no maRer where“无论在哪”;however“无论多么,然而”;whichever“无论哪一个”。句意为:无论你说什么,他都不会听你的。

31.C.本题考查get sth.done的结构。get sth.done“使某事被做”。“表”和“修理”之间存在被动关系,所以用repaired.get sb.to do sth.“让某人做某事”。句意为:你在哪修的表?

32.D.本题考查no sooner…than…的结构。no sooner…than…“一……就……”,其中no sooner所在的句子多用过去完成时并部分倒装,所以选D.句意为:话刚说出来,他就意识到自己本该保持沉默的。


34.A.本题考查动词辨析。commit“犯(错误、罪);做(坏事);犯(法)”,如commit a murder“杀人”,commit a crime“犯罪”;conduct“引导;实施;表现;为人”;execute“执行,实行,完成,处死”;emit“发出;发射”。句意为:据说他杀了人。

35.A.本题考查名词辨析。privilege“特权,特别待遇”;possibility“可能性”;favor“好感,偏爱”;right “权利”。right通常指每个人应具有的权利,与right相比,privilege常指仅少数人能享受的权利,即“特权”。句意为:只有这里的居民才有使用这个停车场的特权。

36.D.本题考查动词搭配。survive sth.“经历…后依然活着;幸存;经受得住”,是及物动词,所以后面无需跟介词。句意为:在这次海难中只有11人幸存。


38.B.本题考查连词的用法。引导主语从句并和0r not连用的是whether.句意为:他是否来还不知道。

39.B.本题考查动词搭配。let sb.down“让某人失望”;let sb.in“让某人进来”;let sb,off“让某人下车(船等)”;let sb.out“让某人出去”。句意为:当我需要他支持的时候。他决不会让我失望的。

40.D.本题考查动词短语。make out a list“列出清单”;pass on“传递”;hand in“上交”:fishout“捕尽,探寻,掏出,捞出”。句意为:学期伊始,我们的历史教授便列出书日让我们读。

41.A.本题考查动词搭配。turn out常与t0,that连用结果是…“;turn up”将(音量等)调高,出现“;turn on”打开(电器等)“;turn over”翻身“。句意为:最初我想数学题呵能会很难,结果却很简单。

42.A.本题考查近义词组辨析。in pursuit of“追求,追逐”;look after“照顾,照料”;try to do“尽力做”;advocate“提倡,鼓吹”。句意为:他所追求的既不是名也不是利,而是满意地看着自己的学生长大成为社会主义的建设者。

43.C.本题考查动词搭配。put off“推迟,拖延”;put aside“节省(钱、时间),撇开,置之不理”;put up“举起,张贴”;put away“储存(钱);储存…备用”。句意为:常言道:“不能把今天要做的事拖到明天。”

44.C.本题考查动词短语和动词延续性。尽管join in the army也可表示“参军”,但它表示参军的动作,是短暂性的,不可以和一段时间连用。要与一段时问连用,就要采用“be+形容词或副词或介词短语”的形式。再如leave是短暂性动词,和一段时间连用要换成“be away”。句意为:他参军十年,现在是军官了。

45.B.本题考查形容词近义词辨析。tired of“厌烦的”;worn out“疲惫不堪的”;ill“病的”;exhausted“疲惫的”。句意为:每天早上吃同样的饭,我都厌烦了。