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Vocabulary and Structure (30%)

Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.Then mark the corre-sponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

16. They discussed the problem three or four times, but could come to no__________.

A. end

B. conclusion

C. result

D. judgment

17. You will be late__________you leave immediately.

A. unless

B. until

C. if

D. or

18. Don't __________the camera unless you are sure you can put it together.

A. take...off

B. work...out

C. set...off

D. take...apart

19. Please keep an eye on my luggage, and I'll be back__________.

A. in time

B. in no time

C. at one time

D. at a time

20. Lying in hospital, the patient __________the outside world by watching news programs on TV every day.

A. kept in touch with

B. faced up

C. turned the clock back

D. slowed down

21. We felt very sad when we heard the news that the __________manager was killed in his office yesterday.

A. respectful

B. respectable

C. respective

D. respecting

22. His__________of the aeroplane was correct in every detail and could really fly.

A. shape

B. pattern

C. design

D. model

23. If you __________your demand, then maybe you will have more chance of getting what you want.

A. conduct

B. dismiss

C. grant

D. moderate

24. The storm sweeping over this area now is sure to cause __________of vegetables in the coming days.

A. rarity

B. scarcity

C. invalidity

D. variety

25. Expected noises are usually more__________ than unexpected ones of the like magnitude.

A. manageable

B. controllable

C. tolerable

D. perceivable

26. The government placed__________on the numbers of foreign cars that could be imported.

A. limitations

B. restraint

C. requirements

D. restrictions

27. At first the institute refused to purchase the telescope, but this decision was __________revised.

A. occasionally

B. consequently

C. successively

D. subsequently

28. __________student with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.

A. Each

B. Either

C. Any

D. One

29. According to the weather forecast, which is usually __________ , it will snow this afternoon.

A. accurate

B. precise

C. exact

D. perfect

30.__________ the fog, we should have reached our destination.

A. Because of

B. In spite of

C. In case of

D. But for

31. The children will have to__________their play-time hours when school opens.

A. cut in

B. cut up

C. cut on

D. cut down

32. I could not afford to rent a house like that,__________ it.

A. let alone to buy

B. let alone buy

C. to say nothing to buy

D. say nothing buying

33. Please let us have more time,__________?

A. shall we

B. will you

C. won't you

D. don't you

34. He spoke English so well that I took it __________that he was an American.

A. for granted

B. as tree

C. for certain

D. as such

35. The interviewer should take down notes at the moment the person __________answers the ques- tions.

A. to be interviewed

B. interviewing

C. being interviewed

D. interviewed

36. You will never guess whom I __________on the street yesterday.

A. ran over

B. ran out of

C. ran into

D. ran up to

37. I don't think it is any use __________this matter any further.

A. discussing

B. to discuss

C. to discussing

D. to be discussed

38. The opening between the rocks was very narrow, but the boys managed to __________through.

A. press

B. squeeze

C. stretch

D. leap

39. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have __________in the last six months.

A. added

B. jumped

C. amounted

D. developed

40. Many players who had been highly thought of have__________ from the tennis scene.

A. disposed

B. disappeared

C. discouraged

D. discarded

41. All their attempts to __________the child from the burning building were in vain.

A. regain

B. recover

C. rescue

D. reserve

42.The__________ goal of the book is to help bridge the gap between research and teaching, partic- ularly the gap between researchers and teachers.

A. joint

B. intensive

C. overall

D. decisive

43. What makes the space shuttle__________ is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an air-plane.

A. exceptional

B. strange

C. unique

D. rare

44. The chances of discovering life on Neptune are about a million__________.

A. at one

B. for one

C. to one

D. against one

45. They did not find__________to prepare for the worst conditions they might meet.

A. worth their while

B. it worthwhile

C. it worth

D. it worthy


16.B.本题考查名词辨析。come to a conclusion“得出结论”,固定搭配;come to no conclusion“没得出结论”。come to an end“结束”,一般不说come to no end.result“结果”;judg—ment“判断”,后两个词不和come to相搭配。句意为:这个问题他们讨论了三四次,但没能得出结论。

17.A.本题考查连词辨析。可转化为If you don‘t leave immediately,you will be late.B.D句意不对,且or表转折,A意为“除非”。句意为:除非你立即走,否则你就会迟到。

18.D.本题考查动词短语辨析。take sth.apart“把…拆开”;take…off…“把…从…上取下来”;work out“做出,制定出”;set off“动身,起程”。句意为:除非你有把握能重新组装到一块,要不然不要拆开相机。

19.B.本题考查介词短语辨析。in no time“立刻,马上”,可以和过去时、将来时搭配;in time“及时”;at one time“曾经”,用在过去时中;at a time“一次”,表频率。句意为:请照看一下我的行李,我马上回来。

20.A.本题考查动词短语辨析。keep in touch with“与…保持联系”;face up往往和to搭配,表示“勇敢面对”;turn the clock back“把时间调回…”;slow down“慢下来”。句意为:躺在医院里,这位病人每天靠收看电视新闻节目与外界保持联系。









29.A.本题考查形容词辨析。accurate“正确无误的,可以提供正确的读数或度量的”,如an accurate scale精确的天平;precise“精确的,正确的”,如在实行、实施或数量上很准确的,如a precise measurement/a precise instrument精确的测量/精密仪器;exact“确切的,严格的”;perfect“完美的,理想的”。天气预报应属于accurate的范畴。句意为:根据通常都很准确的天气预报,今天下午会下雪。

30.D.本题考查虚拟语气的用法。but for+名词/代词,“要不是因为…”,提出与事实相反的假设,相当于一个条件状语从句,所在句子常用虚拟语气。其他的结构都不用虚拟语气。从主句“we should have reached our destination”可判断,该句使用了虚拟语气,所以选D.句意为:要不是下雾,我们就到达目的地了。

31.D.本题考查动词短语辨析。cut down“砍倒,削减,减少”;cut in“打断”;cut up“切碎”。句意为:学校开学孩子们不得不减少玩的时问。

32.B.本题考查let alone的用法。let alone“更不用说”,后可接名词或动词原形。句意为:那样的房子我租都租不起,更不用说买了。

33.B.本题考查反义疑问句的用法。Let us…,will you?表示说话人请求听话人让其做某事,意思是“让我们做…,行吗?”但如果是Let‘s…,shall we?表示说话人向听话人提出建议,要求听话人与其一起做某事。句意为:请多给我点时间,好吗?

34.A.本题考查固定搭配。take sth.for granted“认为…理所当然”。句意为:他说英语说得那么好,我想当然认为他是个美国人。

35.C.本题考查分词的用法。因为“person”和“interview”之间存在被动的关系,B被排除了;to be interviewed表示“将要被面试的”,时态不对;interviewed表示“已面试完了的”,时态也不对。being interviewed表示“正在被面试的”,时态、语态都对。句意为:当面试者回答问题时,面试官应做记录。

36.C.本题考查动词短语辨析。i'un into=l'un across“偶然遇见…”;run over“(车辆)轧过,压过”;run out of“用完,用光”。句意为:你永远也猜不到我昨天在街上遇到谁了。

37.A.本题考查it is no use doing sth.句型。it is no use doing sth.“做某事没用”。句意为:我认为没必要继续讨论这个问题了。




41.C.本题考查动词辨析。rescue sb.from sth.“从…当中援救…”,固定搭配;regain“收回,恢复”;recoverfrom…“从…当中恢复”;reserve“保存,保留,预定”。句意为:他们从着火的大楼里援救这个孩子的所有努力全都白费了。




45.B.本题考查句子结构以及worth和worthwhile的区别。it在本句中是形式宾语,worth—while是宾语补足语。worth一般不单独使用,往往构成“worth+钱”或“worth doing”的结构中,表示“值…钱”或“某事值得被做”,因此在本句中不合适。worthy在"worthy to do"或"woahy of sth./doing sth."的结构中表示“值得做的”,做定语修饰名词时表示“可敬的,相称的”,所以也不符合题意。只有worthwhile“值得做的,值得出力的”在语法和含义上都符合。句意为:他们觉得为可能遇到的最坏情况做准备不值得。