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  1 Those students expect their teacher to ______ from disease very soon.

  A cure    B treat    C heal    D recover

  2 Children are often ______ about everything they have never met before.

  A familiar    B content     C curious    D satisfied

  3 After careful thought, he _____ to quit his present job.

  A judged     B considered     C suggested    D decided

  4 The lack of money ______ his hope of studying abroad.

  A failed     B beat     C defeated     D lost

  5 The committee proposed to ______ the project until next year.

  A delay     B demand    C defend     D decorate

  6 With sufficient evidence, the thief cannot _____ having stolen the car.

  A refuse     B reject     C deny       D decline

  7 He gave up his effort completely _____ his strong desire to become pop singer.

  A although   B while     C in spite      D despite

  8 He came to the studio to ______ the photo he had taken during tour.

  A develop   B wash      C create       D invent

  9 Tom differs greatly _____ his twin brother _____ personality.

  A with, on   B from, in    C between, in     D in, from

  10I ______ with him as to what is to do next. A objected   B disagreed   C opposed  D differ

  11While drinking coffee, people like to add cubic sugar which can easily _____ in it.

  A solve   B melt    C resolve    D dissolve

  12The mother was ______ her baby in beautiful clothes.

  A wearing  B dressing  C putting on  D having on

  13After his parents had died, poverty _____ him to steal.

  A had    B made    C let    D drove

  14He was fined because he didn't return the book when it was _____.

  A proper   B due   C fixed    D suitable

  15As a rule, tourists are allowed to take certain goods through custom free of _____.

  A rent     B fee    C duty    D fare

  16Rescuing the drowning child _____ him great respect.

  A gain    B obtain     C achieve   D earn

  17He was determined to ______ every effort to improve his oral English.

  A do      B have      C make      D try

  18He felt rather ______ when he found audience was not amused by his funny story.

  A satisfied  B confident    C delighted     D embarrassed

  19The dishonest student didn't escape _______ for his cheating in the test.

  A to punish    B to be punished    C punishing    D being punished

  20The police will give you ticket if you _____ the speed limit.

  A expand    B exceed   C enlarge   D extend

  21China is planning to ______ the outer space within recent years.

  A examine   B experiment    C check     D explore

  22The guard was keeping _____ on all the people approaching the diamond on display.

  A an eye    B eyes    C eye    D the eyes

  23This school is equipped with advanced sporting ______.

  A instrument   B equipment   C device    D facility

  24Having lived in this area for a decade, all the streets nearby are familiar _____ him.

  A with    B to    C at     D by

  25He speaks English _____ better than his elder brother.

  A rather    B quite     C more    D far

  26The climate here is _____ to the growth of tobacco.

  A favored    B favor   C favorite     D favorable

  27The Chinese people in all _____ were organized to fight against SARS.

  A fields    B lands    C grounds     D farms

  28He was _____ 100 dollars for drunken driving.

  A punished   B tried    C fined     D sentenced

  29Famous as he was, he was reluctant to be the _____ of public attention.

  A focus      B middle    C key     D point

  30If you had ____ my advice, you would not have fallen into trouble.

  A kept       B tracked    C followed    D caught

  31He made a ____ by wise investment and became a millionaire.

  A luck     B fortune     C wealth      D money

  32With the quickening change in the society, the ____ among generations has been widened.

  A break    B gap    C opening     D blank

  33It was ____ of him to share his money with others in need.

  A considerable    B sincere   C frank     D generous

  34Even though they're twin sisters, they have nothing in ____ except appearance.

  A general    B total    C average    D common

  35It's almost ____ that he'll be elected chairman of the Students' Union.

  A sure    B certain     C positive    D

  36No one dares to come close to the mysterious object as it gives _____ a terrible smell.

  A up      B in        C out        D off

  37______ their small age, these children did a good job in the experiment.

  A Given    B Giving    C To Give    D Give

  38He felt life meaningless, for there is nothing he can go ____.

  A down    B up      C by    D after

  39The manufacturer must _____ the quality of products.

  A convince    B appoint    C guarantee     D assure

  40It's easy to form the ____ of taking drugs but hard to get rid of it.

  A habit    B custom     C practice     D rule

  41The local government ______ food and clothes among the people in the flooded area.

  A handed out    B handed in    C passed by    D passed away

  42Dringking excessively over long period will _____ your health.

  A hurt    B injure    C harm     D wound

  43The _____ of term paper is ten days from now.

  A headline    B deadline     C outline    D underline

  44He's stubborn enough not to lose _____ in the face setbacks.

  A heart      B mind         C temper    D face

  45My teacher always helped me ____ when I had trouble with my English study.

  A with   B off   C away    D out

  46If you have met with difficulty, please don't _____ to let know.

  A hesitate   B trouble   C stop    D bother

  47I _____ us more achievements in the coming new year.

  A hope   B wish   C expect    D predict

  48In this factory all the workers are paid _____.

  A by hours    B by the hour   C by an hour   D by hour

  49They designed a flat building which could _____ two thousand families.

  A hold   B space   C house   D live

  50The newly elected president never feels ashamed of his _____ origin.

  A plain   B modest    C simple   D humble

  51He had long been ____ before he was employed in a company.

  A idle    B ideal      C idol     D idiot

  52The best way to deal with a rude person is to _____ him.

  A neglect   B ignore    C overlook    D imitate

  53After years' struggle, the colony was finally independent _____ Britain.

  A on   B off   C from    D of

  54In present society, the ____ effort contributes a lot to success.

  A private   B individual     C personnel    D separate

  55 Remote area as they live in, they are well ______ of the current events.

  A informed    B told    C known    D understood

  56The disabled young man ____ in making living through his own effort.

  A insisted    B persisted    C kept     D stuck

  57 _______ his proper manner, he must be a well educated person.

  A Judged by   B Judging   C Judged from   D Judging from

  58During vacation he had nothing to do, so he read novels just to _____ time.

  A take   B kill   C waste    D save

  59The American Civil War ______ four years. A continued  B kept  C remained   D lasted

  60Though Tom contacted girlfriend frequently over phone, they have never met _____

  A late   B later   C lately   D latter

  61Jane had two best friends: Tom and Mary; the former is an engineer and the ___ is a dentist.

  A latest  B later   C late    D latter

  62He took the dictionary upstairs and _____ it on the shelf.

  A lay    B laid    C lain    D lied

  63Tom's carelessness _____ his failure in the exam.

  A resulted to  B brought in  C resulted from  D led to

  64People are _____ to make mistakes while in haste. A possible B probable C capable D likely

  65After he retired, he decided to travel around country ____.

  A single   B alone   C lonely    D private

  66The ____ of doctors agree that smoking does great harm to lungs.

  A most  B mostly    C majority    D major

  67 After the teacher's careful explanation, he could _____ the difference between the two concepts.    A make out   B make up   C make for   D make of

  68Through his hard effort, he _____ to start his own business.

  A succeeded   B won   C managed   D failed

  69Can you tell me the _____ by which you can solve the complicated problem.

  A method    B way     C manner     D means

  70To learn British literature, you'd better _____ English first.

  A catch      B hold     C command   D master

  71What really _____ to Einstein is to explore the nature of universe.

  A means    B matters   C determines   D interests

  72The new secretary won't come until next week; _______ we have to arrange a temporary one.

  A in meantime    B in the meantime    C in the meanwhile    D in meanwhile

  73He had been asked the same questions repeatedly, so his answers became ______.

  A mature    B experienced    C mechanical      D manual

  74You should _____ your way and set a good example for others to follow.

  A repair     B fix     C mend     D make

  75China has not a single soldier in the foreign countries, not to _____ the military base.

  A speak     B talk     C address   D mention

  76The rock superstar is very _____, for he always owes his success to his good luck.

  A proud     B jealous  C confident    D modest

  77He will come _____,please just be patient.

  A at the moment   B for a moment   C in a moment   D for the moment

  78For the failure in the exam, Mary was in no _____ to go skating with her friends.

  A temper    B mood    C emotion    D feeling

  79It's to the _____ advantage that the street traffic is well controlled.

  A mutual    B common    C average    D individual

  80Yesterday I received a _____ parcel because I didn't know who sent it.

  A mysterious    B curious     C puzzled      D magic

  81It suddenly _____ to me that I had met her at the party last weekend.

  A happened     B occurred    C arose   D chanced

  82The Declaration of Independence is _____ great importance to the U.S.A.

  A of     B in    C at     D with

  83All the students _____ to help Tom, whose house was drowned in the flood.

  A provide    B supply   C suggest    D offer

  84For the spreading of the fatal disease, some medicine has been ______.

  A out of order    B out of place    C out of stock    D out of season

  85The beggar standing at roadside is of noble _____.

  A birth   B source    C origin     D beginning

  86He had such a good command of English that he could read English ______.

  A native   B original    C     D

  87The auto manufacturer hopes to increase ______ by three times.

  A product   B quality    C output    D amount

  88_____ do we owe the discovery of penicillin?

  A Who   B Whom    C To whom    D By whom