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  (    )1. A. aunt B. author C. Australia D. autumn

  (    )2. A.expect B.except C.explode爆炸 D.example

  (    )3. A.live B.income C.alive D.notice

  (    )4. A.continued B.designed C.organized D.attended

  (    )5. A.graduate B.apology C.recognized D.finger

  II. Vocabulary and Structure

  (    )6. All the employees except the manager______to work online at home.

  A. encourages    B. encourage    C. is encouraged    D. are encouraged

  (    )7.1 feel that one of my main duties ______ a teacher is to help the students to become better learners.

  A. for          B. by           C. as             D. with

  (    )8.1 have always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn't matter ______ I'm talking to.

  A. who is it      B. who it is      C. it is who        D. it is whom

  (    )9. It is ______ any wonder that his friend doesn't like watching television much.

  A. no          B. such          C. nearly         D. hardly

  (    )10. Parents are taught to understand ______ important education is to their children's future.

  A. that          B. how C. such  D. so

  (    )11. ______ the programme, they have to stay there for another two weeks.

  A. Not completing          B. Not completed

  C. Not having completed      D. Having not completed

  (    )12. She doesn't know anyone here. She has got______to talk to.

  A. anyone       B. someone     C. everyone        D. no one

  (    )13. While he was investigating ways to improve the telescope, Newton made ______ discover which completely changed ______ man's understanding of colour.

  A. a…不填       B. a…the         C. 不填…the    D. the…a

  (    )14. Sometimes it was a bit boring to work there because there wasn't always ______ much to do.

  A. such  B. that     C. more       D. very

  (    )15. Of the making of good books there is no end; neither ______ any end to their influence man's lives.

  A. there is  B. there are  C. is there   D. are there

  (    )16. The great success of this programme has been ______ due to the support given by the local businessmen.

  A. rather       B. very      C. quickly       D. largely

  (    )17. If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week, better ______ it-you've got some big bills coming.

  A. forget    B. forgot     C. forgetting   D. to forget

  (    )18. Helen always helps her mother even though going to school ______ most of her day.

  A. takes up          B. makes up          C. saves up            D. puts up

  (    )19.- No, I'm afraid he isn't in. This is his secretary speaking. Can I help you?

  A. Oh, you will.  B. Oh, that's a pity.

  C. I should think so. D. Well, I look forward to hearing from you.

  (    )20. - Do you mind if I open the window? -______ I feel a bit cold.

  A. Of course not.      B. I'd rather you didn't.    C. Go ahead.      D. Why not?

  (    )21. The teacher wrote an example on the blackboard to ________ to point.

  A. illustrate     B. suggest          C. express        D. recognize

  (    )22. Most people on this island  are recreational fishers, and ________, fishing forms an actual part of their leisure time.

  A. accidentally   B. purposefully      C. obviously D. formally

  (    )23. In dealing with public relations, we should make every effort to prevent the _____ in personality.

  A. contact       B. contrast         C. connection  D. conflict

  (    )24. Chinese arts have won the _________ of a lot of people outside China.

  A. enjoyment    B. appreciation C. entertainment  D. reputation

  (    )25. To keep healthy, Professor Johnson_____ cycling as a regular form of exercise after he retired.

  A. took up   B. caught on C. carried out     D. made for

  (    )26. I'm anxious to get      from you before I do the job.

  A. a few more advices               B. a little more advice

  C. a few more advice                D. a little more advices

  (    )27. It is essential that mankind           ways and means to protect the  environment.

  A. adopt      B. have adopted       C. will adopt        D. will have adopted

  (    )28. The information         any more. I've got enough.

  A. need not collect                  B. doesn't need be collected

  C. need not to be collected            D. doesn't need to be collected

  (    )29. -What do you think made Mary so upset?

  -          her new bicycle.

  A. As she lost   B. Lost          C. Losing             D. Because of losing

  (    )30. We         all our achievements to the correct leadership of the Party.

  A. own        B. owe           C. devote             D. appreciate


  Who doesn't love sitting beside a fire on a cold winter night? Fire is one of man's greatest friends , but also one of  (31)  greatest enemies. Many big fires are caused by carelessness. A lighted cigarette thrown  (32)  a car or a train window, or a broken bottle lying on dry grass can  (33)  a fire. Sometimes a fire can start on its own. Wet hay can begin of itself. This is  (34)  it happens: The hay starts to rot and begins to  (35)  heat which is trapped inside it. Finally, it bursts into flames. That is why farmers cut and store their hay when it's dry.

  Fires have destroyed  (36)  cities. In the 17th century, a small fire which  (37)  in a shop burst down nearly every building in London. Moscow was set fire to during the war against Napoleon. This fire  (38)  burning for seven days. Even today, in spite of modern fire-fighting  (39)  , fire causes a great deal of damage each year both in our cities and in the countryside. It has been widely  (40)  that fire is a good servant but a very bad master.

  (   )31A.his  B.its  C.our D.their

  (   )32.A.into  B.out of  C.from D.over

  (   )33.A.happen B.light  C.make. D.start.

  (   )34.A.what B.why  C.how. D.because.

  (   )35.A.give off B.get out  C.break out. D.make out.

  (   )36.A.no B.many  C.samll D.big

  (   )37.A.was B.is  C.start D.began

  (   )38.A.lasted B.continued  C.stopped D.began

  (   )39.A.methods B.researches  C.studies D.engines

  (   )40.A.written B.asked  C.forgotten D.said

  IV…… Reading Comprehension A

  I fell in love with England because it was quaint (古雅)-all those little houses, looking terribly old-fashioned but nice, like dolls' houses. I loved the countryside and the pubs, and I loved London. I've slightly changed my mind after seventeen years because I think it's an ugly town now.

  Things have changed. For everybody, England meant gentlemen, fair play, and good manners. The fair play is going, unfortunately, and so are the gentlemanly attitudes and good manners-people shut doors heavily in your face and politeness is disappearing.

  I regret that there are so few comfortable meeting places. You're forced to live indoors. In Paris I go out much more, to restaurants and nightclubs. To meet friends here it usually has to be in a pub, and it can be difficult to go there alone as a woman. The cafes are not terribly nice.

  As a woman, I feel unsafe here. I spend a bomb on taxis because I will not take public transport after 10 p. m. I used to use it, but now I'm afraid.

  The idea of family seems to be more or less non-existent in England. My family is well united and that's typically French. In Middlesex I had a neighbour who is 82 now. His family only lived two miles away, but I took him to France for Christmas once because he was always alone.

  (   )41. The writer doesn't like London because she ______.

  A. is not used to the life there now         B. has lived there for seventeen years

  C. prefers to live in an old-fashioned house  D. has to be polite to everyone she meets there

  (   )42. Where do people usually meet their friends in England?

  A. In a cafe.   B. In a restaurant.  C. In a nightclub.  D. In a pub.

  (   )43. The underlined part “it” (in Para. 4) refers to______.

  A. a taxi   B. the money    C. a bomb    D. public transport

  (   )44. The writer took her neighbour to France for Christmas because he ______.

  A. felt lonely in England   B. had never been to France

  C. was from a typical French family D. didn't like the British idea of family


  If the world were a village of 1,000 people it would include:

  o 584 Asians

  o 124 Africans

  o 95 Eastern and Western Europeans

  o 84 Latin Americans

  o 55 former Soviets ( including Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, and other national groups)

  o 52 North Americans

  o 6 Australians and New Zealanders

  The people of the village would speak:

  o 165 Mandarin

  o 86 English

  o 83 Hindu/Urdu

  o 64 Spanish

  o 58 Russian

  o 37 Arabic

  The above list covers the mother tongues of only half the village.

  One-third of the people in the village are children, and only 60 are over the age of 65. Just under half of the married women in the village have access to modem equipments.

  This year 28 babies will be bom. Ten people will die, 3 of them for lack of food, 1 from cancer. Two of the deaths will be of babies bom within the year. With the 28 births and 10 deaths, the population of the village next year will be 1,018.

  In this village of 1,000 persons, 200 people receive 75 percent of the income; another 200 receive only 2 percent of the income.

  About one-third have access to clean, safe drinking water.

  Of the 670 adults in the village, half can not read nor write.

  The village has a total yearly budget (预算) , public and private, of over $3 million-$ 3 ,000 per person if it is distributed evenly. Of the total $3 million:

  $ 181,000 goes to weapons and warfare

  $ 159,000 to education

  $ 132,000 to health care

  These weapons are under the control of just 100 of the people. The other 900 are watching them with deep anxiety, wondering whether they can learn to get along together.

  (   )45. Which of the following is true about Mandarin according to the text?

  A. Nearly one-third of Asian people speak Mandarin in the village.

  B. About 8.25 per cent of the people speak Mandarin in the village.

  C. About 16. 5 per cent of the people speak Mandarin in the village.

  D. Nearly all the Mandarin-speaking people are from Asia in the village.

  (   )46. Which of the following problems is NOT mentioned in the text?

  A. Poverty.     B. Education.   C. Environment.  D. Marriage.

  (   )47. The underlined part “have access to” (in Para. 4) means_____.

  A. use      B. buy     C. produce      D. try

  (   )48. The last sentence in the text implies that most of the people long for _____.

  A. a peaceful world        B. good education

  C. better health care      D. a life without anxiety


  Shopping is not as simple as you may think! There are all sorts of tricks at play each time we reach out for that particular brand (品牌) of product on the shelf.

  Colouring, for example, varies according to what the producers are trying to sell. Health foods are packaged (包装) in greens, yellows or browns because we think of these as healthy colours. Ice cream packets are often blue and expensive goods, like chocolates, are gold or silver.

  When some kind of pain killer was brought out recently, researchers found that the colours turned the customers off because they made the product look weak and ineffective. Eventually, it came on the market in a dark blue and white package-blue because we think of it as safe, and white as calm.

  The size of a product can attract a shopper. But quite often a bottle doesn't contain as much as it appears to.

  It is believed that the better-known companies spend, on average, 70 per cent of the total cost of the product itself on packaging!

  The most successful producers know that it's not enough to have a good product. The founder of Pears soap, who for 25 years has used pretty little girls to promote (推销) their goods, came to the conclusion: “Any fool can make soap, but it takes a genius (天才) to sell it.”

  (   )49. Which of the following may trick a shopper into buying a product according to the text?

  A. The cost of its package.   B. The price of the product.

  C. The colour of its package.  D. The brand name of the product.

  (   )50. The underlined part “the colours turned the customers off”(in Para. 3 ) means that the colours _____.

  A. attracted the customers strongly     B. had weak effects on the customers

  C. tricked the customers into shopping  D. caused the customers to lose interest

  (   )51. Which of the following is the key to the success in product sales?

  A. The way to promote goods.    B. The discovery of a genius.

  C. The team to produce a good product. D. The brand name used by successful producers.

  (   )52. Which of the following would be the best title for this text?

  A. Choice of Good Products          B. Disadvantages of Products

  C. Effect of Packaging on Shopping    D. Brand Names and Shopping Tricks


  Pulling heavy suitcases all day in the summer is hard work, especially when you're a thin 14-year-old. That was me in 1940-the youngest and smallest baggage boy at New York City's Pennsylvania Railway Station.

  After just a few days on the job, I began noticing that the other fellows were overcharging passengers. I'd like to join them, thinking, “Everyone else is doing it.”

  When I got home that night, I told my dad what I wanted to do. “You give an honest day's work,” he said, looking at me straight in the eye. “They're paying you. If they want to do that, you let them do that.”

  I followed my dad's advice for the rest of that summer and have lived by his words ever since.

  Of all the jobs I've had, it was my experience at Pennsylvania Railway Station that has stuck with me. Now I teach my players to have respect for other people and their possessions. Being a member of a team is a totally shared experience. If one person steals, it destroys trust and hurts everyone. I can put up with many things, but not with people who steal. If one of my players were caught stealing, he'd be gone.

  Whether you're on a sports team, in an office or a member of a family, if you can't trust one another, there's going to be trouble.

  (   )53. What can be inferred about the baggage boys?

  A. They could earn much, but they had to work hard.

  B. Many of them earned money in a dishonest way.

  C. They were all from poor families.

  D. They were all thin, young boys.

  (   )54. What does the father's advice imply?

  A. It is wrong to give more pay to the passengers.

  B. Don't believe them if they are paying you more.

  C. Don't follow others to overcharge the passengers.

  D. It is difficult to work hard and live as an honest boy.(   )55. The writer can't put up with stealing because he thinks that ______.

  A. it is a totally shared experience

  B. it is considered as the most dangerous

  C. it does great harm to human relationship D. it may lead to the loss of his sports team

  V. Daily Conversation

  A.I'm doing great.              B. Yes.I'm pretty busy lately.    C.It's still early.

  D.They are fine,thank you   .    E.I think so .                  F. My pleasure.

  G. She is mad             .    H. You didn't have to do it.

  (   )56.Tony: How's your family>


  (   )57.Amy: How about your studies?


  (   )58.Guest: I'm afraid I've got to go now.


  (   )59.Peter: Thank you for all you've done for me.


  (   )60. Hello. Haven't seen you for ages.


  V. Writing

  Direction: For this part, you are supposed to write an announcement in 100-120 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly

  假定你是美国的Jack, 你于2005年5月28日给中国无锡的笔友李明写信。内容要点如下:

  1. 父母已同意你今年夏天来中国;

  2. 你计划首先在北京住一星期,然后去无锡看望李明和他的父母;

  3. 因为没有见过面,担心与李明相识有困难,所以问李明在北京该如何联系以及在无锡如何相见。



  1-5     ADCDB

  6-20   DCBDB.  CDBDC.  DAACB.   21-30  ACDBA   BADCB

  31-35 ABDCA  36-40  BDBAD

  41-55  ADDAC.  CAACD.  ACBCC.

  56-60 DACFB

  May 28,2005

  Dear Li Ming,

  I hope you are very well. I'm glad to tell you that my parents have agreed to let me go to your country this summer. The first city I plan to visit is Beijing, where I will stay for a week, and then I will go to your city by train to see you and your parents. As we haven't met before, I'm afraid there will be some difficulty in meeting each other, and I'm also afraid that it will not be easy for me to find your house. So please tell me how to get in touch with you while I stay in Beijing and how to meet or find you when I arrive in your city.

  Please give my regards to your parents.

  Best wishes